Founded In 2013, Yasmine Fahmy metalwork is company specialising in the design and manufacturing of handmade brass lighting units and home accessories like lamps, luminaires, lanterns, tray, tables, mirrors etc. Ou spirit is proudly egyptian but our products appeal is global.

Over a short period of time , we were able to become synonymous with an exquisite taste, designs with an identity, and quality. We became known for our reliability, and great attention to detail on every project and every piece we make.

As a company , we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to be part of the design process, or by making custom made designs that appeal to their needs. We provide value to our clients by manufacturing and designing timeless pieces of art that are known for their high quality and great craftsmanship. We believe that the most important element in our designs and products is the people who are going to buy them.

Whether it's a modest home, a palatial estate or a grand resort. Yasmine Fahmy has the capacity to supply any quantities.